There’s no comfort quite like the comfort of a stranger.

This is particularly true when it comes to the alluring, mysterious appeal of a Reds Escorts companion. The idea of inviting a stunning outcall escort to your home - be it a busty blonde or curvy brunette - is exciting and guaranteed to leave you shivering with anticipation. But before she does, ask yourself: have you properly set the scene for such a spectacular encounter?

As the host, it’s your job to set the mood and create a warm, relaxing environment for your companion. Need some help making the right decisions? Let’s get started.

Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Just because we offer cheap escorts, doesn't mean you should be any less driven to make a great first impression. Despite their low price tag, our girls look, act and behave like high-class models, and expect to be treated as such. So, before inviting your outcall escort around, make sure the space is clean and tidy. What may seem like minor problems to you will most definitely give your companion the ick - anything from a dirty bed to the smelly bins in your kitchen. And don’t forget to give your bathroom a proper scrub down! The both of you will most certainly be spending some time there freshening up before and after your play session.

Why not go the extra mile to create a savoury atmosphere? By introducing scented candles, soft lighting, and background music to the mix, your companion is bound to be impressed. Although this isn’t essential, a little effort can go a long way.

Spruce Yourself Up

As you may have guessed, personal hygiene is crucial when it comes to sex. No one wants to get intimate with someone who puts no effort into themselves whatsoever, especially your outcall London escort.

Make sure you wash and trim downstairs, brush your teeth, gargle some mouthwash, and put some good use to that deodorant. The better you smell and taste will be the difference between an ordinary experience and an extraordinary one.

Safety Comes First

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why, on most occasions, escorts usually supply condoms and lube when meeting a client. However, on the off chance that they don’t, it’s best to stock up on supplies before your companion arrives. This is not negotiable, as outcall escorts in London take their health and safety seriously. If you happen to notice a condom slip or break during your session, let her know straight away!

The Long-Awaited Greeting

Don’t forget, your outcall escort will be walking into an unknown environment, so give her some time to relax in her surroundings. The worst thing you can do is get all grabby the moment she steps through the door. Forcing intimacy always leads to an unsatisfying sexual encounter, so keep the greetings formal and professional, and get to know her over a drink. Whatever you can do to make her feel relaxed will ensure a more intimate experience for both of you.

Standard procedure is to pay your outcall escort as soon as possible, so be sure to get this out of the way early. Once the payment has been made - usually in the form of cash - the two of you can then focus on what’s important; exploring each other's bodies and desires.


In our honest opinion, we believe pillow talk to be an underrated gem. So if you’ve got some time left, why not get to know your companion a little better? London’s outcall escorts enjoy getting to know people and are always more than happy to chat.

When the time is up, she’ll simply gather her things, say her goodbyes, and leave you to prepare for the next steamy encounter you have together. Now that you know what to expect, all we have left to say is, good luck and have fun!

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