Imagine you're all set to meet a cheap London escort, and she casually mentions her love for A-Level. In your enthusiasm to impress, you arrive with your A-level results from school, only to realize that something has gone hilariously wrong.

Welcome to the world of escorting, where its abundance of abbreviations and terminology can leave even the most well-intentioned newcomers dazed and confused.

In this comprehensive guide, we've assembled a pile of the most common escort abbreviations, so fret not. Armed with this knowledge, you'll navigate the escorting world with finesse, ensuring smooth communication with your chosen companion. So, join us here at Reds Escorts as we unravel the enigmatic code of escorting lingo together.

The ABCs of Escort Abbreviations

A is for...

A-Level: Refers to anal sex or any other sexual activity involving the anus.

ATW: Stands for All the Way. Escorts who use this term are indicating their willingness to engage in a variety of sexual activities.

B is for...

BB: Represents Bareback Sex, which refers to vaginal or anal sex without a condom.

BJ: Short for Blowjob, the classic form of fellatio.

BBW: Stands for Big Beautiful Woman, used to describe women who have a larger body size.

B&S: Abbreviation for Bait and Switch, which refers to a situation where the person who shows up is different from the one depicted in the picture.

BDSM: Describes a wide range of services involving Bondage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism.

C is for...

CD: Represents Crossdressing, which involves either the client or escort dressing up as a different gender.

CBJ: Stands for Covered Blowjob, indicating oral sex performed with a condom.

CIF: Stands for Cum in Face, referring to ejaculating on the face of the service provider.

CIM: Represents Cum in Mouth, which involves ejaculating into the mouth of the service provider without a condom.

COB/COF: Stands for Cum on Body/Cum on Face, referring to ejaculating on the body or face of the service provider.

CG: Stands for Cowgirl, a sexual position where the woman is on top, facing the client.

CW: Cock Worship, a more exotic version of a blowjob where a woman treats your penis much more gently.

D is for…

DT: Stands for Deep Throat, which involves taking the entire length of a penis in one's mouth during oral sex.

DFK: Represents Deep French Kissing, which refers to passionate kissing with tongues.

DP: Double Penetration, which can involve either penetrating two orifices at once or penetrating one orifice with two objects.

DTF: Abbreviation for Down to Fuck, indicating a willingness to engage in sexual activity.

DDE: Stands for Doesn't Do Extras, referring to escorts who do not offer additional services beyond what is agreed upon.

F is for…

FBSM: Represents Full Body Sensual Massage, which involves a massage with a focus on sensual pleasure.

FJ: Stands for Foot Job, referring to sexual stimulation performed with the feet.

FK: Stands for French Kissing, which involves deep, passionate kissing.

FBSM: Represents Full Body Sensual Massage, a massage style that prioritizes sensuality and relaxation.

FS: Stands for Full Service, indicating the provision of a comprehensive range of sexual activities.

G is for…

GFE: Stands for Girlfriend Experience, which refers to a sexual encounter that simulates the intimacy and companionship of a romantic relationship.

H is for…

HJ: Stands for Hand-Job, a service many of you will be familiar with!

L is for…

LK: Stands for Light Kissing, which refers to gentle, non-passionate kissing.

O is for…

OWO: Oral without a condom - the clue’s in the name.

P is for…

PAWG: Stands for Phat Ass White Girl, used to describe a white woman with a particularly attractive and curvaceous buttocks.

PSE: Porn Star Experience… because we’ve all dreamt of being with a world-famous porn star, right?

R is for…

RO: Reverse Oral, which simply means going down on your escort and turning the tables

T is for…

TS: Transsexual, a person who has physically transitioned from male to female or vice versa.

W is for…

WS: Watersports, also known as urination play.

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